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I have made images as a photographer for almost 40 years. A 10,000sq/ft studio in downtown St. Louis kept me very busy. My client list: Anheuser Busch, Elleard Heffern Jewelers, Dillards, Venture, Famous-Barr, Ford, Pontiac, John Deere, Hazel/ATAPCO, Wee Ones, Pizza Hut, & May Co. Jeez, there are so many more that I can't think of right now but you get the idea. My clients and peers consider me a Master of Lighting Techniques.

All items on the Products Page except for the Browning Rifles are captured digitally using the sun as a light source. Of course I know how to modify the quality of sunlight to suit my subjects.

A few years back my wonderful business partner purchased my interest in the studio. Thinking that I would not miss  photography, I gave full concentration on my archery business. It only took a few years for me to realize that I really miss the graphics world. While I was away from the studio I enrolled in several college graphics classes with PhotoShop being the main area of concentration.
I have become highly skilled at digital photography and editing with PhotoShop.

In 2003 I built a 2 story house addition with the specific purpose of having another studio space. While 500 square feet doesn't sound very impressive a  lot of work can be accomplished there. Most small and medium sized table top products can be easily handled in that space. I have studio lighting to suit your needs.

I have always been low key and informal. I will work hard and efficiently on your project.

Hourly rates? I prefer to give you a fixed price on your project. Hourly rates don't really give you any accurate info if you don't know how fast a project can be finished. Of course, you are the customer and if you want a daily'll get one based on your particular project.

Terry Whitford
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